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Production and Purification of Bio Particles

Production and Purification of Bio Particles
Contact:M.Sc. Biotechnol. Ioanna Hariskos

Purification of bio particles


Biologic systems such as microorganisms produce various types of particles. In our sense particles are either solids such as nanoparticles and diatom shells (frustules) or macromolecules such as proteins and polysaccharides and bio polymers. On the one hand we investigate particle production under controlled cultivation conditions by means of heterotrophic and photoautotroph microorganisms. On the other hand we aim for their purification. Our main techniques for the refinement of macromolecules base on electric an magnetic forces. We are developing innovative downstream processes such as pressure electro filtration and magnetic separation.

Production of biogenic particles

We investigate new application fields for micro biologically produced particles, also with regard to technical-scale usage. Biogenic particles such as nanoparticles  and nanostructured particles are formed by biomineralisation.

Generally known are silica frustules from diatoms. Other mineral skeletons are from calcium carbonate. Depending on the species of microorganism the particles reveal a characteristic three dimensional structure. Our field of research are technical purification and further processing of these gracile structures.




                Emiliania huxleyi (CaCO3)                           Cyclotella (SiO2)


Some species of microorganism form biogenic nanoparticles. These biologically derived nanoparticles often contain heavy metals and are mainly formed in a detoxification reaction. Thus the encapsulated heavy-metals, enveloped by a peptid layer, are no longer cytotoxic. We investigate the formation and technical application of cadmiumsulfide-nanoparticles.