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Institute of Process Engineering in Life Sciences

III -  Bioprocess Engineering


Building 30.44

Fritz-Haber-Weg 2

76131 Karlsruhe 

Bioprocess Engineering at KIT


Bioprocess engineering at KIT – More than 15 years of experience in photobioprocess development and in training and education of young scientists

Our scientific emphasis lies in the development and the modelling of phototrophic bioprocesses. We are experienced in the cultivation of a broad range of organisms. These are first and foremost green- and red algae, which are used for the production of high-value products auch as pigments, polyunsaturated fatty acids and microstructured calcite platelets.  We also work with moss and cyanobacteria, for example for the production of recombinant proteins. 

Our research involves a wide range of  subjects within bioprocessdevelopment and process management


  • Reaction and Process kinetics, modelling on  cell and reactor level

  • assessment and comparison of different reactor types 

  • Development of unique and innovative reactor concepts in lab- and pilot-scale

  • targeted optimization of process control strategies

  • Process integration: Connection of bioprocess and downstream-processing approaches


Therefore, our projects do not exclusively include fundamental research (DFG). A major part are also application- and industry-oriented projects (BMBF, EU, companies), which are executed in collaboration with our academic and industrial partners.

We are looking forward to new challeges, and always welcome exciting project inquiries!

The core of our institute is our 400 m² technical center, which harbors numerous stirred tank- and flat panel reactors. It is therefore one of the largest technical centers in photobiotechnology all around europe. Our outdoor area at Campus North delievers ideal conditions to test our pilot-scale reactors under realistic conditions (use of sunlight).

Our interdisciplinary team consists of PhD-students and engineers and is further supported by students in the field of bioprocess engineering and chemical engineering. We are committed to training young scientists, providing intensive mentoring during academic projects and we appreciate any inquiries from motivated students!